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A Year in Review - 2018

 | Published on 12/10/2018



“Humbled”, “amazed”, “inspired”, “motivated”, “thankful” and “proud”, these words come to mind when I look back on the last year within Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery.  In the last year we have accomplished an incredible amount.  I hope you’ll take the time to reflect and give thanks with me to our hard-working volunteer members which brought us success, progress, and invaluable service to our communities.  Several rescues, recoveries and events are listed below:

March—8 missions in 24 hours, supported by 6 teams; leadership and “members only” change to support organizational growth and professionalism

April—procurement of our new “Comms 1” communication/deployment support trailer; SARS emergency support to Logan County Sheriff’s Department during NE Colorado blizzard

May—4 Mile Rollover recovery

June—Yankee Hill Trail adoption (trail portion 175.1) and clean up with Edge 4x4; Mount Antero Rollover recovery; interagency training with Park County Search and Rescue and I4WDTA Trainers

August—Driver's Training and Communications Course 1; Iron Chest Rollover recovery in cooperation with C.O.R.E. and the USFS.

November—SAR-ES to JCSO near Pearl, CO, search and rescue of missing hunters


In addition to the above, Co4x4RnR, with support from the Northern Colorado Health Department, is working to take the organization to the next level of professional credentialing through the Colorado Resource Management and Credentialing System (CRMCS).  As state wide credentialing and resource tracking system, being sponsored to the CRMCS is another step to making our organization available to agencies in times of need.  Further, Co4xr4RnR has been enveloped into the WebEOC system making it easier for agencies to request our resources statewide.


This year our organization has validated the need for our specialized niche capabilities.  The people we help are real and their situations are often dire.  Thanks to you, we make their bad day much brighter.  Our incredible members, allies, supporting agencies and communities have matured our organization and its mission, resulting in great success.  As the original 4x4 Rescue and Recovery organization in the state, I can tell you we are proud of what's been accomplished.

I hope you will join us for another amazing year!  We have accomplished so much in the past 12 months, and we must stay the course.  We will continue to develop our training curriculum to support the roles within our organization, develop processes and policies for all levels of our organization, and provide more ways for members to step into roles where they can thrive.  I invite you to get involved, and enjoy every moment of serving our communities, like I have.  

I look forward to celebrating with each one of you at our Members Banquet in January and thank you so much for all which you have done for Co4x4RnR.


Matt Radder




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