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For Immediate Release: Pull-Pal

 | Published on 1/14/2018

For Immediate Release:

Notice of Donor for 1st Annual Banquet Door Prize Give Away

We are very excited to announce that Pull Pal has donated a certificate for a RW11000 land anchor for our Annual Membership Banquet! This will be one of many great door prizes that will be announced over the next week! The Pull-Pal has been an invaluable tool on many Co4x4RnR recoveries, including one on Mt. Bross, where two Pull-Pals were deployed! Here you can see a recovery that simply would not have been completed without this land anchor. We battled the clock as a storm moved in, and were successful in recovering the vehicle and extracting before the trail became impassable. We thank Pull-Pal for the incredible innovation, and of course their support. Members interested in attending your Annual Banquet should be sure to check the events calendar!

If interested in providing door prizes for this event, please contact us at

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