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Search & Rescue-Emergency Support Team

(720) 722-1204 EXTENSION 8001


Designed around a rapid response operating procedure, Co4x4 SAR-ES Team is made up of qualified trained individuals with a dedication to public service as well as the 4x4 community, and will provide agency support during emergency operations in the state of Colorado.

The SAR-ES Team performs the "rescues" in our name, and provides this emergency support in multiple ways.   Members of our SAR-ES Team are deployed when a parties location is not well known, or when incoming weather deems it necessary to extract the occupants only, and return for the vehicle at a later date. Local Sheriffs offices are always contacted with this category of call, prior to fielding a team. Often these requests come directly from the local SO.

The SAR-ES Team specializes, and has additional training in person extraction via 4x4 vehicle, large area vehicle based search, communications support (either voice or tracking of other assets via APRS), and back country access support when other teams need or want assistance accessing an difficult area. Co4x4RnR does NOT provide medical assistance, nor do we activate in a stand alone capacity when an injury is suspected.

Note, we do NOT replace traditional search and rescue, we augment their abilities to provide an increased level of public safety to the community. Often times we handle lower levels of calls, allowing them to be free for truly life threatening emergencies. This is a core value of Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery.

Coordination Staff


Tony Trumbly
Eric Ross
Bryan Lott
Frank Allen
Kevin Cagney
Theo Rhodes 


Our SAR-ES Team trains often, practicing Incident Management following ICS/NIMS Protocols, professional efficient communications, large area vehicle base search tactics, advanced recovery techniques, and wilderness first aid skills. These are skills which must be second nature when operating in this capacity, and training is an aspect which we take very seriously. 


To be considered for our SAR-ES Team, members must meet the following qualifications:

-Advanced Member in good standing

-Completed Recovery Skills I Course

-First Aid/CPR Certified (Wilderness First Aid Preferred)

-Licensed Ham Radio Operator

-Equipped with APRS and VHF/UHF Voice Radio capabilities

-Carry Basic Recovery Equipment

-Carry at Minimum Class A First Aid Kit

-FEMA ICS Courses 100, 200, and 700 within 6 months of acceptance into the Team.

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