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Matt Radder

President - Matt Radder

Matt previously served as Vice President since our founding in June of 2016, and has recently stepped into the position of President. Matt has owned two Jeeps since starting his life in Colorado, and thoroughly enjoys exploring the backcountry in his current TJ. Matt is a UPS mechanic by night, a past Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, and a firm believer in backcountry preparedness. Matt is passionate about the niche this organization falls into, and has been involved almost since 2014. Matt is also a license Ham Radio Operator; K0JPY.

Vice President and Head of Public Relations - Todd Bunger

Todd has been filling our needs in Public relations since our founding in 2016. He works closely with local agencies to provide a single point of contact for our organization. Known by friends as “Doc, Todd has had three Jeeps over his life including a CJ5, Cherokee and latest an LJ. Todd is a clinical therapist and writer, and has been a photographer and racecar driver. Todd has been interviewed as a clinical expert on TV 8 times and twice as a racer. His skill set includes standing his Jeep on its bumper and spare tire, but he cannot whistle. Todd’s favorite Jeep trail is Holy Cross. Todd recently received his Technicians License making him a licensed Ham Radio Operator; KE0NYM

Director and Head of Land Use - Jim Dixon

Jim is very active in the land use portion of the OHV Community and volunteers on average 30 hours per week doing so. OHV use and education is a passion he has had for some time now and has been a part of this community for over 25 years. In the past 8 years, Jim has been involved with the Land Use area. Besides Land Use concerns Jim is passionate that good reliable communication and being well prepared is an essential part of exploring the backcountry. Currently Jim holds his General License and a registered VE with the Patriot VE Team out of Denver and will be hopefully upgrading to Extra License later this year. Jim callsign is K0JKU.

Jim is currently the Director of Public Relations- for the United Four Wheel Drive Associations, the Land Conservation Chairman for Mile High Jeep Club, Land Use for Larimer County Four Wheel Drive Club, Webmaster for Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs Inc, and runs his own blog/website Colorado 4×4 Basics. Jim also provides basic 4×4 training for local off road shops. In other words, Jim is BUSY making every positive impact he can!

Treasurer - Jeff Shafer

Jeff, a Financial Planner and CPA by trade, joined our Board of Directors in 2017. Jeff currently serves our Organization as both our Treasurer and Secretary. Jeff owns a JK (well, it’s really his daughter Dani’s Jeep), and a JKU, rock and ice climbs in his “spare” time and loves the thrill/challenge of recoveries. Jeff loves to be in the mountains for any reason and lives in Highlands Ranch with his wife, 2 children and a dog named Ozzie, who loves to wheel. Jeff is nearly a Colorado native (family moved to Colorado when he was just 1 ½) and knows the land we all love better than many! Jeff has also taken the time to obtain his Ham Radio Technicians License; N1RNR.  One thing is for sure; Jeff’s dedication to this organization, helping those in need and building a capable recovery vehicle has made him a very valuable member of our team!

Director and Head of Dispatch - Carleen Smeaton

Carleen has been dispatching for Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery since May, 2017. After nearly 6 months of dispatching, she found a need in our organization and ran with it. She joined the Board of Directors and quickly assumed the role of Head of Dispatch to help refine and perfect our dispatching process. Growing up in Louisville, she is a native to Colorado and has enjoyed the outdoors all her life. Generally, if she isn't out exploring in the Jeep, she is out exploring in her RV with her family and son throughout the year. Her passion has always been tinkering in the garage with her dogs at her feet- anything to keep her hands busy and mind sharp. She currently works as an accountant for a four-state REA organization.  Carleen holds a Ham Radio Technicians License ; KE0NPJ.

Director and Head of Technology - Ed Sierens

A master of process and project management, Ed has brought an incredible amount of stability and refinement to our organization. When he isn't hard at work for Co4x4RnR or at his day job, Ed enjoys photography (which he is VERY good at),  off roading, and all aspects of technology. Ed has his amateur radio license, K0EAS and is one of the net control operators for our weekly net. 

Director and Head of Training - Jason Strother

Jason started as a member in June 2017 and dove into the org head first. Within a few months of joining the organization he not only became a valuable member on recoveries but has also joined the dispatch team and the SAR-ES team. Jason has his amateur radio license, N0FXE and regularly attends the weekly nets. Jason is known amongst his peers for his dedication, attention to detail, and his pesky habit of forgetting the heater when on cold weather training missions. When not working or doing things for the org, he enjoys a busy outdoor lifestyle mountain biking, camping, hiking, skiing, and competitive shooting.

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