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Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery is an all volunteer
organization which specializes in person and vehicle recoveries in the Colorado back country when things go wrong. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit and ask only for donations for our services. We work exclusively on forest service roads and 4x4 trails within the state of Colorado.

We quickly organize recovery teams and manage recoveries coordinating with Sheriff Offices, Local Police, The US Forest Service, the BLM and Search and Rescue Teams.

Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery’s mission is to help the public and off road community while maintaining back country integrity at the same time. Our intent is to help people by assisting them on a bad day but we also pursue this mission to help preserve the beauty and unspoiled back country we have come to love.

The 4x4 community has a passion for the beauty of Colorado and experiencing it first hand. We fill a much needed role in helping to minimize our footprint as many venture into the back country to explore the wonders Colorado has to offer.

Since August 20th 2014, we have fulfilled this mission through hundreds of recoveries and thousands of volunteer hours. If you find yourself venturing into the back country, take our contact information with you. If your day of wonder turns to a day of danger or misfortune, we’ll be there to assist you.

'We Recover The Rockies"

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(DO NOT Submit Volunteer hours from a recovery here, those are tracked via Dispatch)


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Upcoming Events

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Recent Articles

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